It is essential at the design of an electronic card phase to conduct a study of the test coverage and testability of the board.

This study allows you to validate that the card will be testable by a JTAG tool or other test equipment, know the tested and untested components, changes in test coverage based on available equipment and to be able to make choices according to your specifications or your clients. Our services are perfectly calibrated according to an internal methodology that guarantees excellent quality of results and access to a highly specialized skill. For more information ...


A high level technical team  brings you advices on the design of the testability of your product.


As specialists of boundary scan, we support the development of test programs on our tools depending on the number and type of test that you have defined. Our service includes the development of your electronic card and up to getting started on your production site.


Approved training organization, we wish you a comprehensive list of training modules in the following areas.

1) Training on the Boundary Scan and JTAG
2) Training on our Diatem tools
3) Training on the Tcl language
4) Training on FlyScan
5) functional testing on training component (speed)

How can we help you?

  • By providing answers to your questions about testing your products
  • By offering turnkey solutions
  • By helping to reflect on the issue of testing at the design phase
  • By helping to consider testability throughout the product life cycle
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Turnkey Solutions

Test fixtures combines with boundary scan offer a way to increase test coverage and to reduce test time by combining multiple boundary-scan chains together, adding voltages management and interface to external connectons.

Temento Systems is able to handle your project since the test coverage analysis phase to the delivery of the test equipment on your production site. A project follow-up is set up with your development team that brings you visibility on the work progress.