Board Testability Study

A high level technical team  brings you advices on the design of the testability of your product.


Requirements specifications and verification of testability rules

This study consists of establishing a complete test map of your board thanks to our tools. All these data are then analyzed against the testability rules in order to verify their correct compliance. The analysis of the schematic is then processed by our testability engineers who by crossing the data will establish a list of requirements that describes all the tests that can be performed on your board according to the means or tests recommended . This technical file can then be communicated to your subcontractor or your production center. This study assures you a good respect of the testability rules and the test coverage that will be implemented but also a good control of the test process.


Our expertise and our JTAG testing tools at your service

If your board is mainly digital, our know-how and our tools in this area will bring you the best of the profession in France. Thanks to an internal methodology, the verification of the compliance of all the JTAG design rules will be done, then the list of possible tests will be established. Quantitative data on the test coverage and our know-how in structural and functional test will allow you to obtain the best possible test coverage. Finally, one or more configurations of test benches will be proposed according to your budgetary and strategic objectives.


Our services are perfectly calibrated according to an internal methodology which guarantees you an excellent quality of the results obtained and the access to a very sharp competence center.