About fifteen years ago, the so-called "Boundary-Scan" test technique was in its infancy and was still used by precursory manufacturers. Today, it has become unavoidable as a means of testing individual production or associated with another test equipment.


In the space of fifteen years, this technology, which uses the 1149.1 standard, has become a must-have in the electronic board production test market for several reasons.


The first reason is because of its ability to diagnose faults very accurately without the use of test probes and therefore particularly suitable for boards with BGA boxes. The second reason is the fact that it has been adopted by all major component manufacturers who themselves use this technology to test the components they produce. There is no longer any complex component coming out on the market without incorporating Boundary-Scan cells.


Finally, the evolution of the 1149.x standards, and the potential for using this technology over the product lifecycle, whether to validate a design, perform a manufacturing test, quickly program Flash memory or perform a test. The maintenance program has made it possible to deploy this test medium in virtually every sector of the board and electronic system industry.


Temento Systems has been a forerunner of this technology by constantly innovating to make it evolve with, for example, the possibility of functional testing by embedded IP. Our company has been providing its products and services in this field for over a decade now.